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Culture Matters, People Matter!

We believe that people care when you care, but people know when you don’t. We want you to know that we are obsessed about you, and what matters to you.

- Lamont Harris Jr

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We understand the value of each client
their story.

We found that the mortgage process in our big world today mimics an assembly line. People don't appreciate the idea of being passed around to multiple representatives, just to find out if they qualify or not. With HCMG, you work with a small team that was built for your specific loan needs. 

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At Harris Capital Mortgage, we take the time to meet our customers needs and guide them through the application process. 

We specialize in FHA, Conventional and VA financing. We have a variety of loan programs that may be beneficial for you or your clients. We have financing down payment assistance and many more options to fit every loan scenario

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We offer custom fit loans to meet your unique financing needs. guide you home by helping you take the first step towards buying or refinancing your dream home with one of our Loan Consultants.



Join our weekly deep dive recruiting call with our National Sales Director Tuesday and Thursday at 11 EST. Learn why so many are making the switch


Launch Forward

Sign your offer and and attend an orientation with one of National Recruiting Managers who will walk you the next steps.




Log in credentials are assigned, 90 day action plan is put in to place and execution begins…

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